How to use the disputils.pagination.EmbedPaginator function in disputils

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few disputils examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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if len(l) > 25:
            sub_lists = []

            while len(l) > 20:
                del l[:20]


            sub_lists = [l]

        return sub_lists

class BotEmbedPaginator(EmbedPaginator):
    def __init__(self, ctx: commands.Context, pages: [discord.Embed], message: discord.Message = None):
        Initialize a new EmbedPaginator.

        :param ctx: The :class:`discord.ext.commands.Context` to use.
        :param pages: A list of :class:`discord.Embed` to paginate through.
        :param message: An optional :class:`discord.Message` to edit. Otherwise a new message will be sent.
        self._ctx = ctx

        super(BotEmbedPaginator, self).__init__(, pages, message)

    async def run(self, channel: discord.TextChannel = None, users: List[discord.User] = None):
        Runs the paginator.