How to use the croniter.croniter function in croniter

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few croniter examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github StarlitGhost / PyMoronBot / pymoronbot / modules / utils / View on Github external
def reInit(self, bot): = bot
        triggers = bot.moduleHandler.mappedTriggers
        self.command = triggers[self.commandStr].execute

        self.cronStr = {
            'cron': self.timeStr

        self.cron = croniter(self.cronStr, datetime.datetime.utcnow())
        self.nextTime = self.cron.get_next(datetime.datetime)
github TeamHG-Memex / arachnado / arachnado / View on Github external
def schedule(self, id_):
        site = self.site_storage.cache[id_]
        if 'schedule' not in site:
        if id_ in self.waiting_calls:
            call, schedule = self.waiting_calls[id_]
            if schedule != site['schedule']:

        if not site['schedule']:

            cron = croniter(site['schedule'])
        except Exception:
            if site.get('schedule_valid', True) is True:
                    {'_id': id_, 'schedule_valid': False}
            logger.warning('CRON entry "{}" invalid for site {}'
                           .format(site['schedule'], site['url']))
            deadline = cron.get_next()
            delay = deadline - time.time()
            logger.debug('Scheduling {} in {:.1f} seconds'
                         .format(site['url'], delay))
            call = self.ioloop.add_timeout(deadline,
                                           self.start_crawl, id_=id_)
            self.waiting_calls[id_] = call, site['schedule']
github apache / airflow / airflow / View on Github external
def previous_schedule(self, dttm):
        if isinstance(self._schedule_interval, six.string_types):
            cron = croniter(self._schedule_interval, dttm)
            return cron.get_prev(datetime)
        elif isinstance(self._schedule_interval, timedelta):
            return dttm - self._schedule_interval
github mongolab / mongodb-backup-system / mbs / View on Github external
def next_natural_occurrence(self, dt=None):
        dt = date_now() if dt is None else dt
        return croniter(self._expression, dt).get_next(datetime)
github openstack / heat / heat / engine / constraint / View on Github external
def validate(self, value, context, template=None):
        if not value:
            return True
            return True
        except Exception as ex:
            self._error_message = _(
                'Invalid CRON expression: %s') % str(ex)
        return False
github google / crmint / backends / jbackend / cron / View on Github external
def _its_time(self, cron_format):
    """Returns True if current time matches cron time spec."""
    now = int(time.time())
    itr = croniter(cron_format, now - 60)
    nxt = itr.get_next()
    return now / 60 * 60 == nxt
github getsentry / sentry / src / sentry / models / View on Github external
def get_next_schedule(base_datetime, schedule_type, schedule):
    if schedule_type == ScheduleType.CRONTAB:
        itr = croniter(schedule, base_datetime)
        next_schedule = itr.get_next(datetime)
    elif schedule_type == ScheduleType.INTERVAL:
        count, unit_name = schedule
        # count is the "number of units" and unit_name is the "unit name of interval"
        # which is inverse from what rrule calls them
        rule = rrule.rrule(
            freq=SCHEDULE_INTERVAL_MAP[unit_name], interval=count, dtstart=base_datetime, count=2
        if rule[0] > base_datetime:
            next_schedule = rule[0]
            next_schedule = rule[1]
        raise NotImplementedError("unknown schedule_type")

    return next_schedule
github openstack / senlin / senlin / triggers / ceilometer / View on Github external
def validate(self):
        # validate cron expression if specified
        if TIME_CONSTRAINTS in self.spec:
            tcs = self.alarm_properties[TIME_CONSTRAINTS]
            for tc in tcs:
                exp = tc.get(TC_START, '')
                except Exception as ex:
                    msg = _("Invalid cron expression specified for property "
                            "'%(property)s' (%(exp)s): %(ex)s"
                            ) % {'property': TC_START, 'exp': exp,
                                 'ex': six.text_type(ex)}
                    raise exc.InvalidSpec(message=msg)

                tz = tc.get(TC_TIMEZONE, '')
                except Exception as ex:
                    msg = _("Invalid timezone value specified for property "
                            "'%(property)s' (%(tz)s): %(ex)s"
                            ) % {'property': TC_TIMEZONE, 'tz': tz,
                                 'ex': six.text_type(ex)}
                    raise exc.InvalidSpec(message=msg)