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header_parameters['Pragma'] = self._serialize.header("pragma", pragma, 'str')
        if user_agent is not None:
            header_parameters['User-Agent'] = self._serialize.header("user_agent", user_agent, 'str')
        if client_id is not None:
            header_parameters['X-MSEdge-ClientID'] = self._serialize.header("client_id", client_id, 'str')
        if client_ip is not None:
            header_parameters['X-MSEdge-ClientIP'] = self._serialize.header("client_ip", client_ip, 'str')
        if location is not None:
            header_parameters['X-Search-Location'] = self._serialize.header("location", location, 'str')

        # Construct and send request
        request = self._client.get(url, query_parameters)
        response = self._client.send(request, header_parameters, stream=False, **operation_config)

        if response.status_code not in [200]:
            raise models.ErrorResponseException(self._deserialize, response)

        deserialized = None

        if response.status_code == 200:
            deserialized = self._deserialize('SearchResponse', response)

        if raw:
            client_raw_response = ClientRawResponse(deserialized, response)
            return client_raw_response

        return deserialized
    search.metadata = {'url': '/entities'}


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