How to use the asgiref.sync.AsyncToSync.launch_map function in asgiref

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few asgiref examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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# First, pull the current task if we can
        context_id = SyncToAsync.get_current_task()
        context_is_async = True
        # OK, let's try for a thread ID
        if context_id is None:
            context_id = threading.current_thread()
            context_is_async = False
        # If we're thread-critical, we stop here, as we can't share contexts.
        if self._thread_critical:
            return context_id
        # Now, take those and see if we can resolve them through the launch maps
        for i in range(sys.getrecursionlimit()):
                if context_is_async:
                    # Tasks have a source thread in AsyncToSync
                    context_id = AsyncToSync.launch_map[context_id]
                    context_is_async = False
                    # Threads have a source task in SyncToAsync
                    context_id = SyncToAsync.launch_map[context_id]
                    context_is_async = True
            except KeyError:
            # Catch infinite loops (they happen if you are screwing around
            # with AsyncToSync implementations)
            raise RuntimeError("Infinite launch_map loops")
        return context_id