How to use the function in aiomysql

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few aiomysql examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def _base_params(self, query, dp, compiled, is_update):
        handle params
        if dp and isinstance(dp, (list, tuple)):
            if is_update:
                dp = {c.key: pval for c, pval in zip(query.table.c, dp)}
                raise exc.ArgumentError(
                    "Don't mix sqlalchemy SELECT "
                    "clause with positional "
        compiled_params = compiled.construct_params(dp)
        processors = compiled._bind_processors
        params = [{
            key: processors.get(key, noop)(compiled_params[key])
            for key in compiled_params
        post_processed_params = self._dialect.execute_sequence_format(params)
        return post_processed_params[0]
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async def _executemany(self, query, dps, cursor):
        result_map = None
        if isinstance(query, str):
            await cursor.executemany(query, dps)
        elif isinstance(query, DDLElement):
            raise exc.ArgumentError(
                    "Don't mix sqlalchemy DDL clause "
                    "and execution with parameters"
        elif isinstance(query, ClauseElement):
            compiled = query.compile(dialect=self._dialect)
            params = []
            is_update = isinstance(query, UpdateBase)
            for dp in dps:
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post_processed_params = self._base_params(
                    isinstance(query, UpdateBase)
                result_map = compiled._result_columns
                if dp:
                    raise exc.ArgumentError("Don't mix sqlalchemy DDL clause "
                                            "and execution with parameters")
                post_processed_params = compiled.construct_params()
                result_map = None
            await cursor.execute(str(compiled), post_processed_params)
            raise exc.ArgumentError("sql statement should be str or "
                                    "SQLAlchemy data "
                                    "selection/modification clause")

        ret = await create_result_proxy(
            self, cursor, self._dialect, result_map
        return ret
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# ported from:

class Error(Exception):
    """Generic error class."""

class ArgumentError(Error):
    """Raised when an invalid or conflicting function argument is supplied.

    This error generally corresponds to construction time state errors.

class InvalidRequestError(ArgumentError):
    """ was asked to do something it can't do.

    This error generally corresponds to runtime state errors.

class NoSuchColumnError(KeyError, InvalidRequestError):
    """A nonexistent column is requested from a ``RowProxy``."""

class ResourceClosedError(InvalidRequestError):
    """An operation was requested from a connection, cursor, or other
    object that's in a closed state."""
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"""A coroutine for Engine creation.

    Returns Engine instance with embedded connection pool.

    The pool has *minsize* opened connections to MySQL server.
    deprecated_cursor_classes = [
        DeserializationCursor, DictCursor, SSCursor, SSDictCursor,

    cursorclass = kwargs.get('cursorclass', Cursor)
    if not issubclass(cursorclass, Cursor) or any(
        issubclass(cursorclass, cursor_class)
        for cursor_class in deprecated_cursor_classes
        raise ArgumentError('SQLAlchemy engine does not support '
                            'this cursor class')

    coro = _create_engine(minsize=minsize, maxsize=maxsize, loop=loop,
                          dialect=dialect, pool_recycle=pool_recycle,
                          compiled_cache=compiled_cache, **kwargs)
    return _EngineContextManager(coro)