How to use the aioboto3.s3.cse.MockKMSCryptoContext function in aioboto3

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few aioboto3 examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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async def test_kms_cse_encrypt_decrypt_aes_gcm(event_loop, s3_moto_patch, region, bucket_name, s3_key_name):
    s3_client, s3_resource = s3_moto_patch
    s3_client = s3_client('s3', region_name=region)

    await s3_client.create_bucket(Bucket=bucket_name, CreateBucketConfiguration={'LocationConstraint': region})

    aes_key = b'O\x8b\xdc\x92\x87k\x9aJ{m\x82\xb3\x96\xf7\x93]\xa1\xb2Cl\x86<5\xbe\x13\xaf\xa8\x94\xa2O3\xef'
    encrypted_aes_key = b'encrypted_aes_key'
    material_descrition = {'kms_cmk_id': 'alias/cmk_id'}

    kms_crypto_context = cse.MockKMSCryptoContext(aes_key, material_descrition,
                                                  encrypted_aes_key, authenticated_encryption=True)
    s3_cse = cse.S3CSE(kms_crypto_context, s3_client_args={'region_name': region})

    async with s3_cse:
        # Upload file
        await s3_cse.put_object(Body=DATA, Bucket=bucket_name, Key=s3_key_name)

        encrypted_resp = await s3_client.get_object(Bucket=bucket_name, Key=s3_key_name)
        encrypted_resp['Body'] = await encrypted_resp['Body'].read()

        # Check it doesnt start with lorem ipsum
        assert not encrypted_resp['Body'].startswith(DATA[:10])

        # Check metadata for KMS encryption
        assert encrypted_resp['Metadata']['x-amz-cek-alg'] == 'AES/GCM/NoPadding'
        assert encrypted_resp['Metadata']['x-amz-tag-len'] == '128'
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def __init__(self, aes_key: bytes, material_description: dict, encrypted_key: bytes,
                 authenticated_encryption: bool = True):
        super(MockKMSCryptoContext, self).__init__()
        self.aes_key = aes_key
        self.material_description = material_description
        self.encrypted_key = encrypted_key
        self.authenticated_encryption = authenticated_encryption