How to use the relstorage.options.Options function in RelStorage

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few RelStorage examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github Pylons / zodburi / zodburi / View on Github external
def __call__(self, uri):
            uri = uri.replace('postgres://', 'http://', 1)
            parsed_uri = urlparse.urlsplit(uri)
            kw = dict(cgi.parse_qsl(parsed_uri.query))

            adapter_factory, kw = self.adapter_helper(parsed_uri, kw)
            kw, unused = self.interpret_kwargs(kw)

            demostorage = kw.pop('demostorage', False)
            options = Options(**kw)

            def factory():
                adapter = adapter_factory(options)
                storage = RelStorage(adapter=adapter, options=options)
                if demostorage:
                    storage = DemoStorage(base=storage)
                return storage
            return factory, unused
github plone / guillotina / guillotina / factory / View on Github external
def RelStorageConfigurationFactory(key, dbconfig):
    if not RELSTORAGE:
        raise Exception("You must install the relstorage package before you can use "
                        "it as a dabase adapter.")
    config = dbconfig.get('configuration', {})
    options = Options(**dbconfig['options'])
    if dbconfig['type'] == 'postgres':
        from relstorage.adapters.postgresql import PostgreSQLAdapter
        dsn = "dbname={dbname} user={user} host={host} password={password} port={port}".format(**dbconfig['dsn'])  # noqa
        adapter = PostgreSQLAdapter(dsn=dsn, options=options)
    rs = RelStorage(adapter=adapter, options=options)
    db = DB(rs)
        conn =
        rootobj = conn.root()
        if not IDatabase.providedBy(rootobj):
            alsoProvides(rootobj, IDatabase)
    except:  # noqa
        rootobj = None