How to use the geoalchemy2.functions.ST_Buffer function in GeoAlchemy2

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few GeoAlchemy2 examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github osmlab / maproulette / maproulette / View on Github external
parser = reqparse.RequestParser()
    parser.add_argument('num', type=int, default=1,
                        help='Number of return results cannot be parsed')
    parser.add_argument('near', type=GeoPoint,
                        help='Near argument could not be parsed')
    parser.add_argument('assign', type=int, default=1,
                        help='Assign could not be parsed')
    args = parser.parse_args()
    # By default, we return a single task, but no more than 10
    num = min(args['num'], 10)
    assign = args['assign']
    near = args['near']
    coordWKT = 'POINT(%s %s)' % (, near.lon)
    if near:
        task_query = Task.query.filter(Task.location.ST_Intersects(
                ST_Buffer(coordWKT, app.config["NEARBUFFER"]))).limit(num)
        task_list = [task for task in task_query
                     if challenge._get_task_available(task)]
        task_list = [get_random_task(challenge) for i in range(num)]
        task_list = [task for task in task_list if task]
    if assign:
        for task in task_list:
            action = Action(, "assigned", osmid)
            task.current_state = action
    tasks = [{'id': task.identifier,
              'location': dumps(to_shape(task.location)),
              'manifest': task.manifest} for task in task_list]
    for query in get_debug_queries():
github GIScience / openpoiservice / openpoiservice / server / api / View on Github external
def generate_geom_filters(geometry, Pois):
        filters, geom = [], None

        if 'bbox' in geometry and 'geom' not in geometry:
            geom = geometry['bbox'].wkt
                geo_func.ST_DWithin(geo_func.ST_Buffer(type_coerce(geom, Geography), geometry['buffer']), Pois.geom, 0))

        elif 'bbox' in geometry and 'geom' in geometry:
            geom_bbox = geometry['bbox'].wkt
            geom = geometry['geom'].wkt
            filters.append(  # in bbox
                    geo_func.ST_Intersection(geo_func.ST_Buffer(type_coerce(geom, Geography), geometry['buffer']),
                                             type_coerce(geom_bbox, Geography)), Pois.geom, 0))

        elif 'bbox' not in geometry and 'geom' in geometry:

            geom = geometry['geom'].wkt

            filters.append(  # buffer around geom
                geo_func.ST_DWithin(geo_func.ST_Buffer(type_coerce(geom, Geography), geometry['buffer']), Pois.geom, 0)

        return filters, geom
github osmlab / maproulette / maproulette / api / View on Github external
help='longitude could not be parsed')
        parser.add_argument('lat', type=float,
                            help='longitude could not be parsed')
        parser.add_argument('assign', type=int, default=1,
                            help='Assign could not be parsed')
        args = parser.parse_args()
        osmid = session.get('osm_id')
        assign = args['assign']
        lon = args['lon']
        lat = args['lat']

        task = None
        if lon and lat:
            coordWKT = 'POINT(%s %s)' % (lat, lon)
            task = Task.query.filter(Task.location.ST_Intersects(
                ST_Buffer(coordWKT, app.config["NEARBUFFER"]))).first()
        if task is None:  # we did not get a lon/lat or there was no task close
            # If no location is specified, or no tasks were found, gather
            # random tasks
            task = get_random_task(challenge)
            # If no tasks are found with this method, then this challenge
            # is complete
        if task is None:
            if not user_area_is_defined():
                # send email and deactivate challenge only when
                # there are no more tasks for the entire challenge,
                # not if the user has defined an area to work on.
                subject = "Challenge {} is complete".format(challenge.slug)
                body = "{challenge} has no remaining tasks"
                " on server {server}".format(
                    server=url_for('index', _external=True))
github osmlab / maproulette / maproulette / api / View on Github external
# Try to get difficulty from argument, or users preference
        difficulty = args.get('difficulty')
        lon = args.get('lon')
        lat = args.get('lat')
        radius = args.get('radius')

        # get the list of challenges meeting the criteria
        query = db.session.query(Challenge)

        if difficulty is not None:
            query = query.filter_by(difficulty=difficulty)
        if lon is not None and lat is not None and radius is not None:
            print "got lon, lat, rad: {lon}, {lat}, {rad}".format(lon=lon, lat=lat, rad=radius)
            query = query.filter(
                    ST_Buffer('POINT({lon} {lat})'.format(lon=lon, lat=lat),
        challenges = query.all()
        return challenges