How to use the v-tooltip.VPopover function in v-tooltip

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few v-tooltip examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github gamejolt / frontend-lib / components / popper / popper.ts View on Github external
import AppBackdrop from '../backdrop/backdrop.vue';
import { Screen } from '../screen/screen-service';
import AppScrollScrollerTS from '../scroll/scroller/scroller';
import AppScrollScroller from '../scroll/scroller/scroller.vue';
import './popper.styl';

const mod: any = require('v-tooltip');

// Sync with the styles files.
const TransitionTime = 200;

let PopperIndex = 0;

	components: {
		VPopover: mod.VPopover,
export default class AppPopper extends Vue {
	@Prop({ type: String, default: 'bottom' })
	placement!: 'top' | 'right' | 'bottom' | 'left';

	@Prop({ type: String, default: 'click' })
	trigger!: 'click' | 'hover' | 'manual';

	 * By default the popper will stay on the page until the user clicks outside
	 * of the popper. This tells the popper to close anytime the state changes.
	 * Useful for poppers in the shell that link to other pages on the site.