How to use the testcafe-legacy-api.CLIENT_RUNNER_SCRIPT function in testcafe-legacy-api

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export default function (developmentMode) {
    const scriptNameSuffix = developmentMode ? 'js' : 'min.js';

    return {
        favIcon:      loadAsset('./client/ui/favicon.ico', true),
        coreScript:   loadAsset(`./client/core/index.${scriptNameSuffix}`),
        driverScript: loadAsset(`./client/driver/index.${scriptNameSuffix}`),
        uiScript:     loadAsset(`./client/ui/index.${scriptNameSuffix}`),
        uiStyle:      loadAsset('./client/ui/styles.css'),
        uiSprite:     loadAsset('./client/ui/sprite.png', true),
        uiSpriteSvg:  loadAsset('./client/ui/sprite.svg', true),

        automationScript: loadAsset(`./client/automation/index.${scriptNameSuffix}`),

        // NOTE: Load the legacy client script lazily to reduce startup time
        legacyRunnerScript: require('testcafe-legacy-api').CLIENT_RUNNER_SCRIPT


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