How to use the tc-source-content-updater.getOtherTnsOLVersions function in tc-source-content-updater

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few tc-source-content-updater examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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export function preserveNeededOrigLangVersions(languageId, resourceId, resourcePath) {
  let deleteOldResources = true; // by default we do not keep old versions of resources

  if (BibleHelpers.isOriginalLanguageBible(languageId, resourceId)) {
    const requiredVersions = getOtherTnsOLVersions(resourceId).sort((a, b) =>
      -ResourceAPI.compareVersions(a, b) // do inverted sort
    console.log('preserveNeededOrigLangVersions: requiredVersions', requiredVersions);

    // see if we need to keep old versions of original language
    if (requiredVersions && requiredVersions.length) {
      deleteOldResources = false;
      const highestRequired = requiredVersions[0];
      const versions = ResourceAPI.listVersions(resourcePath);
      console.log('preserveNeededOrigLangVersions: versions', versions);

      for (let version of versions) {
        if (!requiredVersions.includes(version)) {
          const newerResource = ResourceAPI.compareVersions(version, highestRequired) > 0;

          if (!newerResource) { // don't delete if newer version


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