How to use the react-docgen-typescript/lib/parser.js.withCustomConfig function in react-docgen-typescript

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: options.propFilter,

  // Configure parser using settings provided to loader.
  // See: node_modules/react-docgen-typescript/lib/parser.d.ts
  let parser: FileParser = withDefaultConfig(parserOptions);

  let compilerOptions: ts.CompilerOptions = {
    allowJs: true,
  let tsConfigFile: ts.ParsedCommandLine | null = null;

  if (options.tsconfigPath) {
    parser = withCustomConfig(options.tsconfigPath, parserOptions);

    tsConfigFile = getTSConfigFile(options.tsconfigPath!);
    compilerOptions = tsConfigFile.options;

    const filesToLoad = tsConfigFile.fileNames;
  } else if (options.compilerOptions) {
    parser = withCompilerOptions(options.compilerOptions, parserOptions);
    compilerOptions = options.compilerOptions;

  if (!tsConfigFile) {
    const basePath = path.dirname(context.context);
    tsConfigFile = getDefaultTSConfigFile(basePath);

    const filesToLoad = tsConfigFile.fileNames;


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