How to use the react-dnd-test-utils.getBackendFromInstance function in react-dnd-test-utils

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it('can simulate a full drag and drop interaction', () => {
		function TestCase() {
		const WrappedTestCase = wrapInTestContext(TestCase)

		// Render with the test context that uses the test backend
		const root = mount()

		// Obtain a reference to the backend
		const backend = getBackendFromInstance(root.instance() as any)

		// Find the drag source ID and use it to simulate the dragging operation
		const box: DndComponent = root
			.instance() as any
		const dustbin: DndComponent = root
			.instance() as any

		window.alert = jest.fn()
		simulateDragDropSequence(box, dustbin, backend)
			`You dropped ${} into Dustbin!`,


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