How to use the react-big-calendar/lib/localizers/globalize function in react-big-calendar

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few react-big-calendar examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github intljusticemission / react-big-calendar / examples / App.js View on Github external
import Basic from './demos/basic'
import Selectable from './demos/selectable'
import CreateEventWithNoOverlap from './demos/createEventWithNoOverlap'
import Cultures from './demos/cultures'
import Popup from './demos/popup'
import Rendering from './demos/rendering'
import CustomView from './demos/customView'
import Resource from './demos/resource'
import DndResource from './demos/dndresource'
import Timeslots from './demos/timeslots'
import Dnd from './demos/dnd'
import DndOutsideSource from './demos/dndOutsideSource'
import Dropdown from 'react-bootstrap/lib/Dropdown'
import MenuItem from 'react-bootstrap/lib/MenuItem'

const globalizeLocalizer = localizer(globalize)

let demoRoot =

const EXAMPLES = {
  basic: 'Basic Calendar',
  selectable: 'Create events',
  createEventWithNoOverlap: 'Create events with no-overlap algorithm',
  cultures: 'Localization',
  popup: 'Show more via a popup',
  timeslots: 'Custom Time Grids',
  rendering: 'Customized Component Rendering',
  customView: 'Custom Calendar Views',
  resource: 'Resource Scheduling',
  dnd: 'Addon: Drag and drop',
  dndresource: 'Resource Drag and drop',