How to use the prelude-ts.HashMap.ofIterable function in prelude-ts

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function parseTrackData(text: string): Result {
    const items = Vector.ofIterable(text.split('|'))
    const status = items.head()
    // Get rid of fields that we don't care about
    const otherValues = items.drop(3)

    if (status.isNone() || otherValues.length() < trackInfoKeys.length - 1) {
        return failure('Could not parse track data')

    const values = otherValues.prepend(status.get())
    const trackInfoEntries =, values)
    const trackInfo = HashMap.ofIterable(trackInfoEntries)
        .filterKeys(k => !k.startsWith('unknown'))
        .map((k, v) => [k, mapTrackInfoValue(k, v)])
        .put('state', statusCodeToName(status.get()))
        .toObjectDictionary(x => x)

    return TrackInfo.validate(trackInfo)


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