How to use the pouchdb.setMaxListeners function in pouchdb

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few pouchdb examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github colinskow / superlogin / test / user.spec.js View on Github external
var Mailer = require('../lib/mailer');
var util = require('../lib/util');
var seed = require('pouchdb-seed-design');
var request = require('superagent');
var config = require('./test.config.js');

var chai = require('chai');
var sinon = require('sinon');
var expect= chai.expect;

var dbUrl = util.getDBURL(config.dbServer);

var emitter = new events.EventEmitter();

var userDB = new PouchDB(dbUrl + "/superlogin_test_users");
var keysDB = new PouchDB(dbUrl + "/superlogin_test_keys");

var testUserForm = {
  name: 'Super',
  username: 'superuser',
  email: '',
  password: 'superlogin',
  confirmPassword: 'superlogin',
  age: '32',
  zipcode: 'ABC123'

var emailUserForm = {
  name: 'Awesome',
  email: '',