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To help you get started, we’ve selected a few postcss-colormin examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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* assumptions about your CSS other than what is passed in. In previous
 * iterations of cssnano, assumptions were made about your CSS which caused
 * output to look different in certain use cases, but not others. These
 * transforms have been moved from the defaults to other presets, to make
 * this preset require only minimal configuration.

// const cssDeclarationSorter = require('css-declaration-sorter');
const postcssDiscardComments = require('postcss-discard-comments');
const postcssReduceInitial = require('postcss-reduce-initial');
const postcssMinifyGradients = require('postcss-minify-gradients');
// const postcssSvgo = require('postcss-svgo');
const postcssReduceTransforms = require('postcss-reduce-transforms');
const postcssConvertValues = require('postcss-convert-values');
// const postcssCalc = require('postcss-calc');
const postcssColormin = require('postcss-colormin').default;
const postcssOrderedValues = require('postcss-ordered-values');
const postcssMinifySelectors = require('postcss-minify-selectors');
const postcssMinifyParams = require('postcss-minify-params');
// const postcssNormalizeCharset = require('postcss-normalize-charset');
const postcssMinifyFontValues = require('postcss-minify-font-values');
const postcssNormalizeUrl = require('postcss-normalize-url');
// const postcssMergeLonghand = require('postcss-merge-longhand');
const postcssDiscardDuplicates = require('postcss-discard-duplicates');
// const postcssDiscardOverridden = require('postcss-discard-overridden');
const postcssNormalizeRepeatStyle = require('postcss-normalize-repeat-style');
const postcssMergeRules = require('postcss-merge-rules');
const postcssDiscardEmpty = require('postcss-discard-empty');
const postcssUniqueSelectors = require('postcss-unique-selectors');
const postcssNormalizeString = require('postcss-normalize-string');
const postcssNormalizePositions = require('postcss-normalize-positions');
const postcssNormalizeWhitespace = require('postcss-normalize-whitespace');


Minify colors in your CSS files with PostCSS.

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