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*  @Author: Adam Ullman (
 *  @Copyright (c) 2014 Adam Ullman
 *  @License: Released under the MIT license (

if (!window.OT) throw new Error('You must include the OT library before the OT_Angular library');

var ng;
if (typeof angular === 'undefined' && typeof require !== 'undefined') {
  ng = require('angular');
} else {
  ng = angular;
var initLayoutContainer;
if (!window.hasOwnProperty('initLayoutContainer') && typeof require !== 'undefined') {
  initLayoutContainer = require('opentok-layout-js').initLayoutContainer;
} else {
  initLayoutContainer = window.initLayoutContainer;

ng.module('opentok', [])
  .factory('OT', function() {
    return OT;
  .factory('OTSession', ['OT', '$rootScope',
    function(OT, $rootScope) {
      var OTSession = {
        streams: [],
        connections: [],
        publishers: [],
        init: function(apiKey, sessionId, token, cb) {
          this.session = OT.initSession(apiKey, sessionId);


Automatic layout of video elements (publisher and subscriber) minimising white-space for the OpenTok on WebRTC API. This is intended for use with the OpenTok on WebRTC JS API.

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