How to use the ono.ono.reference function in ono

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ono examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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args.options.dereference.circular = circular$RefOption;

    if (args.options.validate.schema) {
      // Validate the API against the Swagger schema
      // NOTE: This is safe to do, because we haven't dereferenced circular $refs yet

      if (me.$refs.circular) {
        if (circular$RefOption === true) {
          // The API has circular references,
          // so we need to do a second-pass to fully-dereference it
          dereference(me, args.options);
        else if (circular$RefOption === false) {
          // The API has circular references, and they're not allowed, so throw an error
          throw ono.reference("The API contains circular references");

    if (args.options.validate.spec) {
      // Validate the API against the Swagger spec

    return maybe(args.callback, Promise.resolve(me.schema));
  catch (err) {
    return maybe(args.callback, Promise.reject(err));


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