How to use the officegen.registerDocType function in officegen

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github Ziv-Barber / officegen / plugins / templates / types / genmytype.js View on Github external
 * @brief Extend officegen object with ??? support.
 * This method extending the given officegen object to create ??? document.
 * @param[in] genobj The object to extend.
 * @param[in] new_type The type of object to create.
 * @param[in] options The object's options.
 * @param[in] gen_private Access to the internals of this object.
 * @param[in] type_info Additional information about this type.
function makeMyType(genobj, new_type, options, gen_private, type_info) {
  // ----- API for ??? documents: -----

baseobj.registerDocType('mytype', makeMyType)


Office Open XML Generator using Node.js streams. Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 and later Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx,ppsx) and Excell (xlsx). This module is for all frameworks and environments. No need for any commandline tool - this module is doing

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