How to use the oauth.oauth function in oauth

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few oauth examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github remotestorage / remotestorage.js / files / requirejs / controller.js View on Github external
exports.controller = (function() {
    var modules = {
      versioning: require('versioning').versioning,
      session: require('session').session,
      sync: require('sync').sync,
      ajax: require('ajax').ajax,
      webfinger: require('webfinger').webfinger,
      oauth: require('oauth').oauth,
      couch: require('couch').couch,
      button: require('button').button
    var deadLine;
    var working=false;
    var intervalTimer;
    var options = {
      onChange: function(key, oldValue, newValue) {
        console.log('item "'+key+'" changed from "'+oldValue+'" to "'+newValue+'"');
        console.log('WARNING: Please configure an onChange function! Forcing full page refresh instead');
        window.location = '';
      category:'.', '_')
    function onError(str) {