How to use the node-red.util function in node-red

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few node-red examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github Streampunk / dynamorse-deprecated / server.js View on Github external
).then(function () {'Global flow updated with dynamorse configurations.');
    if (!RED.nodes.getFlows().some(function (x) {
      return x.label === 'Dynamorse'
    })) {"Creating dynamorse tab.")
      return RED.nodes.addFlow({
        label : 'Dynamorse',
        configs: [ ],
        nodes: [ {
          id : RED.util.generateId(),
          type: 'comment',
          name: 'Streampunk Media',
          info: 'Design and deploy professional media workflows with [_Dynamorse_](\n\n' +
            'For support, development or further information, please e-mail [Streampunk Media Ltd]( on [](mailto:\n\n' +
            'Dynamorse depends on [codecadon]( that incorprates binaries compiled from unmodified [LGPL v3 licensed code]( from the FFMPEG project.',
          x: 122,
          y: 45,
          wires: []
        } ]
    } else {"Dynamorse tab already in place.");
    function () {