How to use the node-opcua-transport/src/message_builder_base.MessageBuilderBase function in node-opcua-transport

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few node-opcua-transport examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github node-opcua / node-opcua / packages / node-opcua-secure-channel / src / message_builder.js View on Github external
"use strict";
 * @module opcua.miscellaneous

const util = require("util");
const assert = require("node-opcua-assert").assert;
const _ = require("underscore");

const MessageBuilderBase = require("node-opcua-transport/src/message_builder_base").MessageBuilderBase;

const chooseSecurityHeader = require("./secure_channel_service").chooseSecurityHeader;

const SymmetricAlgorithmSecurityHeader = require("./secure_channel_service").SymmetricAlgorithmSecurityHeader;
const SequenceHeader = require("./secure_channel_service").SequenceHeader;
const BinaryStream = require("node-opcua-binary-stream").BinaryStream;

const ec = require("node-opcua-basic-types");
const decodeString = ec.decodeString;

const packet_analyzer = require("node-opcua-packet-analyzer").packet_analyzer;
const hexDump = require("node-opcua-debug").hexDump;

//xx require("./utils").setDebugFlag(__filename,true);