How to use the modernizr.fullscreen function in modernizr

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few modernizr examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github nasa / common-mapping-client / src / _core / reducers / reducerFunctions / ViewReducer.js View on Github external
static checkBrowserFunctionalities(state, action) {
        // Here we check for any missing browser functionalities that we
        // want to alert the user about. Note, Modernizr checks are used elsewhere
        // but those are not intended to inform the user that functionality is missing
        let alerts = state.get("alerts");
        if (!Modernizr.fullscreen) {
            alerts = alerts.push(
                    title: appStrings.ALERTS.BROWSER_FUNCTIONALITY_MISSING.title,
                    body: appStrings.ALERTS.BROWSER_FUNCTIONALITY_MISSING.formatString
                        .replace("{FUNCTIONALITY}", "Fullscreen")
                            "This application will not be able to enter fullscreen mode"
                    severity: 2,
                    time: new Date()
        if (!Modernizr.webgl) {
            alerts = alerts.push(