How to use the mobx-keystone.ModelAutoTypeCheckingMode.AlwaysOn function in mobx-keystone

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few mobx-keystone examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github xaviergonz / mobx-keystone / packages / site / src / examples / todoList / store.ts View on Github external
import {
} from "mobx-keystone"
import uuid from "uuid"

// for this example we will enable runtime data checking even in production mode
  modelAutoTypeChecking: ModelAutoTypeCheckingMode.AlwaysOn,

// the model decorator marks this class as a model, an object with actions, etc.
// the string identifies this model type and must be unique across your whole application
export class Todo extends Model({
  // here we define the type of the model data, which is observable and snapshottable
  // and also part of the required initialization data of the model

  // in this case we use runtime type checking,
  id: tProp(types.string, () => uuid.v4()), // an optional string that will use a random id when not provided
  text: tProp(types.string), // a required string
  done: tProp(types.boolean, false), // an optional boolean that will default to false

  // if we didn't require runtime type checking we could do this
  // id: prop(() => uuid.v4())