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github nzzdev / Q-editor / client / src / elements / schema-editor / schema-editor-wrapper.js View on Github external
      for (const forbiddenProperty of forbiddenProperties) {
        if (
          dynamicSchema["Q:options"] &&
        ) {
            `It's not possible to add ${forbiddenProperty} using dynamicSchema`,
          delete dynamicSchema["Q:options"][forbiddenProperty];
      // make a copy of the schema so the schemaChangedCallbacks get applied
      this.schema = Object.assign({}, mixinDeep(this.schema, dynamicSchema));
    } catch (e) {
        `Failed to assign dynamicSchema to schema, you need to figure out why this happened as this case is not handled in a nice way and could feel pretty weird.`,


Deeply mix the properties of objects into the first object. Like merge-deep, but doesn't clone. No dependencies.

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