How to use the miragejs.RestSerializer.extend function in miragejs

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few miragejs examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github gitlabhq / gitlabhq / spec / frontend_integration / test_helpers / mock_server / index.js View on Github external
export const createMockServerOptions = () => ({
  models: {
    project: Model,
    branch: Model,
    mergeRequest: Model,
    mergeRequestChange: Model,
    mergeRequestVersion: Model,
    file: Model,
    userPermission: Model,
  serializers: {
    application: RestSerializer.extend({
      root: false,
  seeds(schema) {
      files: getRepositoryFiles().map((path) => ({ path })),
      projects: [getProject(), getEmptyProject()],
      branches: [getBranch()],
      mergeRequests: getMergeRequests(),
      mergeRequestChanges: [getMergeRequestWithChanges()],
      mergeRequestVersions: getMergeRequestVersions(),
      filesRaw: [
          raw: getBlobReadme(),
          path: '',


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