How to use the linkify-it.tlds function in linkify-it

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few linkify-it examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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import React from 'react';
import { props, t, skinnable } from '../utils';
import flattenDeep from 'lodash.flattendeep';
import tlds from 'tlds';

const linkify = require('linkify-it')().tlds(tlds);

export const Props = {
  children: t.String,
  id: t.maybe(t.String),
  className: t.maybe(t.String),
  style: t.maybe(t.Object)

/** A component that transforms `\n` in `<br>` and links in `<a>`
 * @param children - The content of the paragraph
 * @param paragraphSpacing - The space occupied by an empty line
export default class FormattedText extends React.Component {


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