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ngOnInit() {
    let optionsBefore = this.options;
    if (!this.optionsChanged && this.editor) {
      optionsBefore = this.editor.options;
    // document.getElementById('embedded-Gantt')
    const g = this.editor = new JSGantt.GanttChart(this.ganttEditorContainer.nativeElement, 'week');

    if (g.getDivId() != null) {

      // JSGantt.parseJSON('./fixes/data.json', g);

        vCaptionType: 'Complete',  // Set to Show Caption : None,Caption,Resource,Duration,Complete,
        vQuarterColWidth: 36,
        vDateTaskDisplayFormat: 'day dd month yyyy', // Shown in tool tip box
        vDayMajorDateDisplayFormat: 'mon yyyy - Week ww', // Set format to display dates in the "Major" header of the "Day" view
        vWeekMinorDateDisplayFormat: 'dd mon', // Set format to display dates in the "Minor" header of the "Week" view
        vShowTaskInfoLink: 1, // Show link in tool tip (0/1)
        vShowEndWeekDate: 0,  // Show/Hide the date for the last day of the week in header for
        vUseSingleCell: 10000,
        // Even with setUseSingleCell using Hour format on such a large chart can cause issues in some browsers
        vFormatArr: ['Day', 'Week', 'Month', 'Quarter'],



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