How to use the jsdoctypeparser.Builder.ENABLE_EXCEPTIONS function in jsdoctypeparser

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few jsdoctypeparser examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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var assert = require('assert');
var commentParser = require('comment-parser');

var TypeParser = require('jsdoctypeparser').Parser;
var TypeBuilder = require('jsdoctypeparser').Builder;

var getNodeColumn = require('./utils').getNodeColumn;
var getLineInfo = require('./utils').getLineInfo;

// wtf but it needed to stop writing warnings to stdout
// and revert exceptions functionality
TypeBuilder.ENABLE_EXCEPTIONS = true;

// jscs:disable requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers
var PARSERS = {
    tag: commentParser.PARSERS.parse_tag,
    type: commentParser.PARSERS.parse_type,
    description: commentParser.PARSERS.parse_description,
// jscs:enable
var RE_SPACE = /\s/;

module.exports = {

     * @param {string} commentNode
     * @returns {DocComment}