How to use jest-environment-puppeteer - 10 common examples

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few jest-environment-puppeteer examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github ipfs-shipyard / ipfs-webui / test / e2e / setup / global-init.js View on Github external
module.exports = async function globalSetup (globalConfig) {
  // global setup first
  await setupPuppeteer(globalConfig)
  // http server with webui build
  await setupDevServer({
    command: `ecstatic build --cache=0 --port=${webuiPort}`,
    launchTimeout: 10000,
    port: webuiPort,
    debug: process.env.DEBUG === 'true'
  const endpoint = process.env.E2E_API_URL
  let ipfsd
  let ipfs
  if (endpoint) {
    // create http client for endpoint passed via E2E_API_URL=
    ipfs = ipfsClient({ apiAddr: endpoint })
  } else {
    // use ipfds-ctl to spawn daemon to expose http api used for e2e tests
    const type = process.env.E2E_IPFSD_TYPE || 'go'
github ipfs-shipyard / ipfs-webui / test / e2e / setup / global-teardown.js View on Github external
module.exports = async function globalTeardown (globalConfig) {
  const teardown = []
  // custom teardown
  const ipfsd = global.__IPFSD__
  if (ipfsd) teardown.push(ipfsd.stop())
  // continue with global teardown
  await Promise.all(teardown)
github gidztech / jest-puppeteer-docker / src / setup.js View on Github external

    const revision =
        process.env.PUPPETEER_CHROMIUM_REVISION ||
        process.env.npm_config_puppeteer_chromium_revision ||

    // set the version of Chromium to use based on Puppeteer
    await dockerSetChromiumConfig({ revision, flags: chromiumFlags });

    // launch Chromium in Docker ready for the first test suite
    const endpointPath = path.join(__dirname, '../', 'wsEndpoint');
    const webSocketUri = await dockerRunChromium();
    fs.writeFileSync(endpointPath, webSocketUri);

    await setupPuppeteer(jestConfig);
github gidztech / jest-puppeteer-docker / src / teardown.js View on Github external
module.exports = async function globalTeardown(jestConfig) {
    await teardownPuppeteer(jestConfig);

    // shut down Docker container
    await dockerShutdownChromium();

    // delete websocket from file for next time we run test suites
    const endpointPath = path.join(__dirname, '../', 'wsEndpoint');
    fs.writeFileSync(endpointPath, '', { encoding: 'utf8' });


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