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await Promise.all( (service) => {
        const credentials = await this.getCredentialsForService(service);
        if (credentials === null) {
          console.error(`"npm run setup" must be ran before running bot (failed on service ${service.niceName}`);
        const options = Object.assign({ companyId: service.companyId }, config.ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS);
        const scraper = israeliBankScrapers.createScraper(options);
        const scrapeResult = await scraper.scrape(credentials);

        if (scrapeResult.success) {
          scrapeResult.accounts.forEach(this.handleAccount.bind(this, service));
        } else {
          console.error(`scraping failed for the following reason: ${scrapeResult.errorType}`);
    } catch (e) {


Provide scrapers for all major Israeli banks and credit card companies

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