How to use the indy-sdk.cryptoAuthDecrypt function in indy-sdk

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few indy-sdk examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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exports.getVerinym = async function(poolHandle, From, fromWallet, fromDid, fromToKey, to, toWallet, toFromDid, toFromKey, role) {
    console.log(`\"${to}\" > Create and store in Wallet \"${to}\" new DID"`);
    let [toDid, toKey] = await indy.createAndStoreMyDid(toWallet, {});

    console.log(`\"${to}\" > Authcrypt \"${to} DID info\" for \"${From}\"`);
    let didInfoJson = JSON.stringify({
        'did': toDid,
        'verkey': toKey
    let authcryptedDidInfo = await indy.cryptoAuthCrypt(toWallet, toFromKey, fromToKey, Buffer.from(didInfoJson, 'utf8'));

    console.log(`\"${to}\" > Send authcrypted \"${to} DID info\" to ${From}`);

    console.log(`\"${From}\" > Authdecrypted \"${to} DID info\" from ${to}`);
    let [senderVerkey, authdecryptedDidInfo] =
        await indy.cryptoAuthDecrypt(fromWallet, fromToKey, Buffer.from(authcryptedDidInfo));

    let authdecryptedDidInfoJson = JSON.parse(Buffer.from(authdecryptedDidInfo));
    console.log(`\"${From}\" > Authenticate ${to} by comparision of Verkeys`);
    let retrievedVerkey = await indy.keyForDid(poolHandle, fromWallet, toFromDid);
    if (senderVerkey !== retrievedVerkey) {
        throw Error("Verkey is not the same");
    console.log(`\"${From}\" > Send Nym to Ledger for \"${to} DID\" with ${role} Role`);
    await sendNym(poolHandle, fromWallet, fromDid, authdecryptedDidInfoJson['did'], authdecryptedDidInfoJson['verkey'], role);

    return toDid
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exports.authDecrypt = async function (myDid, message) {
    let myVerkey = await sdk.keyForLocalDid(await indy.wallet.get(), myDid);
    let [, decryptedMessageBuffer] = await sdk.cryptoAuthDecrypt(await indy.wallet.get(), myVerkey, Buffer.from(message, 'base64'));
    let buffer = Buffer.from(decryptedMessageBuffer).toString('utf8');
    return JSON.parse(buffer);
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exports.authDecrypt = async function (walletHandle, key, message) {
    let [fromVerkey, decryptedMessageJsonBuffer] = await indy.cryptoAuthDecrypt(walletHandle, key, message);
    let decryptedMessage = JSON.parse(decryptedMessageJsonBuffer);
    let decryptedMessageJson = JSON.stringify(decryptedMessage);
    return [fromVerkey, decryptedMessageJson, decryptedMessage];