How to use the hyperhtml/esm/index.js.bind function in hyperhtml

To help you get started, weโ€™ve selected a few hyperhtml examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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render() {
       <span>${this.remaining()} of ${this.todos.length} remaining</span>
       [ <a href=""> this.archive(e)} &gt;archive</a> ]
     <ul class="unstyled">
      ${ (item, index) =&gt; wire(item)`<li><label>
             <input data-index="${index}"> this.done(e)} type=checkbox checked=${item.done}/&gt;
      <form> this.addToDo(e)}&gt;
        <input id="text" placeholder="add new todo here" size="30" type="text">
        <input value="add" type="submit">


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