How to use the hazelcast-client.Predicates.and function in hazelcast-client

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few hazelcast-client examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github hazelcast / hazelcast-nodejs-client / code_samples / hazelcast_json_value.js View on Github external
}).then(function() {
        return map.valuesWithPredicate(Predicates
            .and(Predicates.sql('name like A%'), Predicates.greaterThan("age", 30)));
    }).then(function(values) {
        // Prints all the employees whose name starts with 'A' and age is greater than 30
github hazelcast / hazelcast-nodejs-client / code_samples / org-website / QuerySample.js View on Github external
}).then(function () {
        // Create a Predicate
        var criteriaQuery = Predicates.and(
            Predicates.equal('active', true),
            Predicates.between('age', 18, 21)
        // Get result collections using the the Predicate
        return users.valuesWithPredicate(criteriaQuery);
    }).then(function (values) {
        // Print out the results