How to use the graphology.library function in graphology

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few graphology examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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// Making some modules global for the custom scripts to consume
var d3 = require('d3');
window.d3 = d3;
var numeric = require('numeric');
window.numeric = numeric;

// Requiring some graphology libraries we are going to make global for the user
var graphology = require('graphology');

graphology.library = require('graphology-library/browser');
window.graphology = graphology;
window.Graph = graphology;

var randomLayout = graphology.library.layout.random;

var forceAtlas2Layout = graphology.library.layoutForceAtlas2;
window.layout = {
  random: randomLayout,
  forceAtlas2: forceAtlas2Layout

window.ForceAtlas2Layout = graphology.library.FA2Layout;

window.louvain = graphology.library.communitiesLouvain;

// Requiring sigma
window.SigmaWebGLRenderer = require('sigma/renderers/webgl').default;

// Requiring own modules


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