How to use the graphile-utils.makeAddInflectorsPlugin function in graphile-utils

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few graphile-utils examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github enisdenjo / relay-modern-boilerplate / postgraphile / plugins / PgIdToRowIdInflectorPlugin.js View on Github external
*  `articleId` -> `articleRowId`
 *  `user_row_id` -> `user_row_id` (will stay the same if `id` is prefixed with `row_`)
 *  `userRowId` -> `userRowId` (will stay the same if `Id` is prefixed with `Row`)

const { makeAddInflectorsPlugin } = require('graphile-utils');

function replaceIdWithRowId(str) {
  return str
github alex-ald / postgraphile-nest / lib / factories / plugin.factory.ts View on Github external
public static createAddInflectorsPlugin(
    inflectorName: string,
    method: (...args: any[]) => any,
    overwriteExisting?: boolean,
  ) {
    return makeAddInflectorsPlugin(
      { [inflectorName]: method },