How to use the glob-extra.expandPaths function in glob-extra

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few glob-extra examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github gemini-testing / hermione / lib / tests-reader.js View on Github external
const expandJsPaths = (paths) => globExtra.expandPaths(paths, {formats: ['.js']});
github gemini-testing / gemini / lib / test-reader / index.js View on Github external
module.exports = (opts, config, emitter) => {
    const files = filesExist(config.sets, opts.paths)
        ? opts.paths
        : [getGeminiPath(config.system.projectRoot)];

    const expandOpts = {formats: ['.js']};
    const globOpts = {ignore: config.system.exclude};

    return Promise.all([
        SetCollection.create(config, opts, expandOpts, globOpts),
        globExtra.expandPaths(files, expandOpts, globOpts)
    .spread((sets, paths) => {

        return loadSuites(sets, emitter);
github gemini-testing / gemini / lib / test-reader / set-collection.js View on Github external
.map((set) => {
                return globExtra.expandPaths(set.files, expandOpts, globOpts)
                    .then((files) => _.extend(set, {files}));


Utility which provides expanding of masks, dirs and files to absolute file paths.

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