How to use the generator-jhipster/generators/utils.copyObjectProps function in generator-jhipster

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github bhangun / generator-jhipster-fx / generators / entity / index.js View on Github external
constructor(args, opts) {
        super(args, opts);

        jhipsterUtils.copyObjectProps(this, this.options.context);
        // This makes `name` a required argument.
        this.argument('name', {
            type: String,
            required: true,
            description: 'Entity name'

        // This method adds support for a `--[no-]regenerate` flag
        this.option('regenerate', {
            desc: 'Regenerate the entity without presenting an option to update it',
            type: Boolean,
            defaults: false

        this.option('table-name', {
            desc: 'Specify table name that will be used by the entity',
github bhangun / generator-jhipster-fx / generators / entity-client / index.js View on Github external
constructor(args, opts) {
        super(args, opts);
        utils.copyObjectProps(this, this.options.context);
        const blueprint = this.config.get('blueprint');
        useBlueprint = this.composeBlueprint(blueprint, 'entity'); // use global variable since getters dont have access to instance property


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