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/* @flow */
import prefix from 'inline-style-prefixer/static'
import cssifyObject from 'css-in-js-utils/lib/cssifyObject'
import objectReduce from 'fast-loops/lib/objectReduce'

import fallbackValue from 'fela-plugin-fallback-value'

function isPlainObject(obj: any): boolean {
  return typeof obj === 'object' && !Array.isArray(obj)

const resolveFallbackValues = fallbackValue()

function addVendorPrefixes(style: Object): Object {
  return objectReduce(
    (prefixedStyle, value, property) => {
      if (isPlainObject(value)) {
        prefixedStyle[property] = addVendorPrefixes(value)
      } else {
        const prefixedDeclaration = prefix({
          [property]: style[property],
        const styleKeys = Object.keys(prefixedDeclaration)

        const referenceProperty = styleKeys[0]
        const referenceValue = prefixedDeclaration[referenceProperty]


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