How to use the fabric-network.X509WalletMixin function in fabric-network

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few fabric-network examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github hyperledger / caliper / packages / caliper-fabric / lib / e2eUtils.js View on Github external
function init(config_path, root_path) {
    const config = CaliperUtils.parseYaml(config_path);
    networkRoot = root_path;
    ORGS =;
    isLegacy = ('1.0') ||'1.1'));
        Gateway = require('fabric-network').Gateway;
        InMemoryWallet = require('fabric-network').InMemoryWallet;
        X509WalletMixin = require('fabric-network').X509WalletMixin;
github hyperledger / caliper / packages / caliper-fabric / lib / fabric.js View on Github external
async _addToWallet(org, certificate, key, name) {
        const walletId = FabricNetworkAPI.X509WalletMixin.createIdentity(this.networkUtil.getMspIdOfOrganization(org), certificate, key);
        await this.wallet.import(name, walletId);`Identity ${name} created and imported to wallet`);