How to use electron-builder-squirrel-windows - 2 common examples

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few electron-builder-squirrel-windows examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github electron-userland / electron-builder / test / src / helpers / packTester.ts View on Github external
const files = pathSorter( => toSystemIndependentPath(it.path))
    .filter(it => (!it.startsWith("lib/net45/locales/") || it === "lib/net45/locales/en-US.pak") && !it.endsWith(".psmdcp") && !it.endsWith("app-update.yml") && !it.includes("/inspector/")))


  if (checkOptions == null) {
    await unZipper.extractFile(fileDescriptors.filter(it => it.path === "TestApp.nuspec")[0], {
      path: path.dirname(packageFile),
    const expectedSpec = (await fs.readFile(path.join(path.dirname(packageFile), "TestApp.nuspec"), "utf8")).replace(/\r\n/g, "\n")
    // console.log(expectedSpec)
    expect(expectedSpec).toEqual(`<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="">
    <authors>Foo Bar</authors>
    <owners>Foo Bar</owners>
    <description>Test Application (test quite “ #378)</description>
    <copyright>Copyright © ${new Date().getFullYear()} Foo Bar</copyright>
github electron-userland / electron-builder / test / src / helpers / CheckingPackager.ts View on Github external
async pack(outDir: string, arch: Arch, targets: Array<Target>, taskManager: AsyncTaskManager): Promise<any> {
    // skip pack
    const helperClass: typeof SquirrelWindowsTarget = require("electron-builder-squirrel-windows").default
    this.effectiveDistOptions = await (new helperClass(this, outDir).computeEffectiveDistOptions())

    await this.sign(this.computeAppOutDir(outDir, arch))


Plugin for [electron-builder]( to build Squirrel.Windows installer.

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