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github busyorg / busy / src / post / Write / PostEditor.js View on Github external
import createDeleteImgPlugin from 'draft-js-delete-img-btn-plugin';

import './Write.less';
import './PostEditor.less';
import Icon from '../../widgets/Icon';
import SideControls from './SideControls';

const debug = newDebug('busy:PostEditor');
const emojiPlugin = createEmojiPlugin();
const hashtagPlugin = createHashtagPlugin();
const linkifyPlugin = createLinkifyPlugin();
const { EmojiSuggestions } = emojiPlugin;
const focusPlugin = createFocusPlugin();
const dndPlugin = createDndPlugin();
const deleteImgPlugin = createDeleteImgPlugin();
const { DeleteImgBtn } = deleteImgPlugin;

const decorator = composeDecorators(focusPlugin.decorator,
  dndPlugin.decorator, deleteImgPlugin.decorator);
const imagePlugin = createImagePlugin({ decorator });

const plugins = [
  dndPlugin, focusPlugin, imagePlugin,

// Custom overrides for "code" style.


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