How to use the doc-path.evaluatePath function in doc-path

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few doc-path examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github mrodrig / json-2-csv / src / json-2-csv.js View on Github external
return _.reduce(keys, function (output, key) {
        // Retrieve the appropriate field data
        let fieldData = path.evaluatePath(data, key);
        if (_.isUndefined(fieldData)) { fieldData = options.EMPTY_FIELD_VALUE; }
        // Add the CSV representation of the data at the key in the document to the output array
        return output.concat(convertField(fieldData));
    }, []);
github mrodrig / json-2-csv / src / json2csv.js View on Github external
fields.forEach((field) => {
            let recordFieldValue = path.evaluatePath(record, field);

            if (!_.isUndefined(options.emptyFieldValue) && utils.isEmptyField(recordFieldValue)) {
                recordFieldValue = options.emptyFieldValue;
            } else if (options.expandArrayObjects && Array.isArray(recordFieldValue)) {
                recordFieldValue = processRecordFieldDataForExpandedArrayObject(recordFieldValue);



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