How to use the compromise.plugin function in compromise

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validContributionTypes.forEach(type => {
    Contributions[type] = 'Contribution'

Object.keys(contributionTypeMappings).forEach(type => {
    Contributions[`${type}`] = 'Contribution'

const plugin = {
    words: {
        add: 'Action',


function parseAddComment(message, action) {
    const whoMatched = nlp(message)
        .match(`${action} [.]`)
            whitespace: true, // remove hyphens, newlines, and force one space between words
            case: false, // keep only first-word, and 'entity' titlecasing
            numbers: false, // turn 'seven' to '7'
            punctuation: true, // remove commas, semicolons - but keep sentence-ending punctuation
            unicode: false, // visually romanize/anglicize 'Björk' into 'Bjork'.
            contractions: false, // turn "isn't" to "is not"
            acronyms: false, //remove periods from acronyms, like 'F.B.I.'
            parentheses: false, //remove words inside brackets (like these)
            possessives: false, // turn "Google's tax return" to "Google tax return"
            plurals: false, // turn "batmobiles" into "batmobile"
            verbs: false, // turn all verbs into Infinitive form - "I walked" → "I walk"


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