How to use the botbuilder-azure.BotServiceConnector function in botbuilder-azure

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few botbuilder-azure examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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var builder = require('botbuilder');
var botbuilder_azure = require('botbuilder-azure');
var lifx = require('lifx-http-api'),

lifxClient = new lifx({
  bearerToken: process.env['LifxApiKey']

var connector = new botbuilder_azure.BotServiceConnector({
  appId: process.env['MicrosoftAppId'],
  appPassword: process.env['MicrosoftAppPassword']
  // openIdMetadata: process.env['BotOpenIdMetadata']

var bot = new builder.UniversalBot(connector, {
  storage: new builder.MemoryBotStorage()

let luisModelUrl = `https://${process.env['LuisAPIHostName']}/luis/v2.0/apps/${

// Main dialog with LUIS
const recognizer = new builder.LuisRecognizer(luisModelUrl);
const intents = new builder.IntentDialog({ recognizers: [recognizer] })