How to use the blinkid-react-native.BlinkIdRecognizer function in blinkid-react-native

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few blinkid-react-native examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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async scan() {
        try {

            // to scan any machine readable travel document (passports, visa's and IDs with 
            // machine readable zone), use MrtdRecognizer
            // var mrtdRecognizer = new BlinkIDReactNative.MrtdRecognizer();
            // mrtdRecognizer.returnFullDocumentImage = true;

            // var mrtdSuccessFrameGrabber = new BlinkIDReactNative.SuccessFrameGrabberRecognizer(mrtdRecognizer);

            // BlinkIDRecognizer automatically classifies different document types and scans the data from
            // the supported document
            var blinkIdRecognizer = new BlinkIDReactNative.BlinkIdRecognizer();
            blinkIdRecognizer.returnFullDocumentImage = true;
            blinkIdRecognizer.returnFaceImage = true;

            const scanningResults = await BlinkIDReactNative.BlinkID.scanWithCamera(
                new BlinkIDReactNative.BlinkIdOverlaySettings(),
                new BlinkIDReactNative.RecognizerCollection([blinkIdRecognizer/*, mrtdSuccessFrameGrabber*/]),

            if (scanningResults) {
                let newState = {
                    showImageDocument: false,
                    resultImageDocument: '',
                    showImageFace: false,
                    resultImageFace: '',
                    results: '',


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