How to use the bip44-constants.BTC function in bip44-constants

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import { Insight } from 'insight-explorer'
import { networks } from 'bitcoinjs-lib'
import bip44constants from 'bip44-constants'
import config from './config'

var bitcoinFeePerKb = 100000

var n = networks.bitcoin

n.slip44 = bip44constants.BTC

module.exports = {
  name: 'bitcoin',
  displayName: 'Bitcoin',
  ticker: 'BTC',
  satPerCoin: 1e8,
  feePerKb: bitcoinFeePerKb,
  feePerByte: bitcoinFeePerKb / 1024,
  maxFeePerByte: 100,
  minFee: bitcoinFeePerKb,
  dust: 546,

  txVersion: 1,

  explorer: new Insight(config.defaultApiUrls.bitcoin),


Bitcoin BIP44 constants.

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