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// add declarations for trailing parameters
    for (let i = lastNonDefaultParam + 1; i < node.params.length; i++) {
      let param = node.params[i];
      if (param._isDefaultPlaceholder) continue;

      let declar = buildCutOff(param, argsIdentifier, t.numericLiteral(i));
      declar._blockHoist = node.params.length - i;

    // we need to cut off all trailing parameters
    node.params = node.params.slice(0, lastNonDefaultParam);

    if (state.iife) {
      body.push(callDelegate(path, scope));
      path.set("body", t.blockStatement(body));
    } else {
      path.get("body").unshiftContainer("body", body);


Helper function to call delegate

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