How to use @web3-react/ledger-connector - 1 common examples

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @web3-react/ledger-connector examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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pollingInterval: POLLING_INTERVAL

export const walletconnect = new WalletConnectConnector({
  rpc: { 1: RPC_URLS[1] },
  bridge: '',
  qrcode: true,
  pollingInterval: POLLING_INTERVAL

export const walletlink = new WalletLinkConnector({
  url: RPC_URLS[1],
  appName: 'web3-react example'

export const ledger = new LedgerConnector({ chainId: 1, url: RPC_URLS[1], pollingInterval: POLLING_INTERVAL })

export const trezor = new TrezorConnector({
  chainId: 1,
  url: RPC_URLS[1],
  pollingInterval: POLLING_INTERVAL,
  manifestEmail: '',
  manifestAppUrl: 'http://localhost:1234'

export const frame = new FrameConnector({ supportedChainIds: [1] })

export const authereum = new AuthereumConnector({ chainId: 42 })

export const fortmatic = new FortmaticConnector({ apiKey: process.env.FORTMATIC_API_KEY as string, chainId: 4 })

export const portis = new PortisConnector({ dAppId: process.env.PORTIS_DAPP_ID as string, networks: [1, 100] })


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